Tips on Buying Art from Super-Stylish Lifestyle Guru Camille Styles The entertaining expert answers our questions on collecting art.

We’re excited to introduce Camille Styles Picks, a curation of 12 limited edition Twyla prints that embodies the modernity and polish that this lifestyle expert is known for. Camille just finished renovating a charming 100 year old bungalow in downtown Austin, Texas, which will serve as her brand’s new headquarters. With this clean, mostly-white space as the backdrop, Camille and her creative team chose to fill the walls with Twyla art to add further depth and character.  We always love hearing out how people approach choosing and collecting art so we asked the savvy and stylish Camille to answer a few of our questions...  


What is your typical approach to buying art?

I tend to take a “trust my gut” approach — I don’t buy art frequently, but when I do it’s usually because I spotted a piece, fell instantly in love and knew I wanted to have it around me every day. Sometimes you just get that visceral feeling that I think you should always pay attention to — there’s a reason why certain pieces resonate more than others.

Is there a trend or connective thread to the type of art you are drawn to?

I’ve always loved art that reminds me of the beach — being near the ocean is definitely my happy place, so surrounding myself with calming shades of blue and sand helps me channel those ocean vibes in my home here in Austin. Otherwise, I’m always looking for pieces that make me feel happy and inspired!

TWYLA STILL08 Camille placing succulent centerpiece

“I’m always looking for pieces that make me feel happy and inspired!”


What was the first work of art you bought and why?

When I was growing up in Fort Worth, my mom constantly took me to exhibits at The Kimball, which definitely sparked my lifelong love of paintings, especially the Impressionists and Expressionists. The earliest art I can remember owning was my print of Renoir’s Girl With a Hoop - it was my favorite, because I had a matching doll.

What advice would you give someone with empty walls + no idea where to start?

I would start by thinking about the type of art that gives you the feeling you want to have when you see it every day: energized, inspired, relaxed, thoughtful, etc. What types of art, colors, and motifs create those feelings for you? I believe that our environments have a huge effect on our mental states, and art has the power to move us on so many levels.


How has your Twyla art changed your new office space?

Since our office is basically an all-white space, the pieces brought color, warmth, and personality— especially in a more minimalist space, the art really makes the room! I think the pieces we chose made our overall design more unique and memorable.

What did you love about discovering art with Twyla?

The art is already so well curated, I felt like I was discovering pieces I would never have found on my own. I also love that you can see how the art will look when it’s framed and in a space—it helps me visualize it hanging on my own wall, which I often find to be the most challenging part of buying art.