The Man & His Muse, Volume 3 Into the Wild with Nick Turner, Volume 3

We don’t often get to watch an artist at work. The act of creation is usually hidden away in private art studios and garrets. That’s why we were elated when Twyla artist Nick Turner agreed with our somewhat-forward request to let us film and photograph him at work in Iceland. In the last of our three-part series reflecting on this unforgettable trip with Nick, we see images of him at work and play and the beauty of the country that continually fascinates him.

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“I’m very interested in capturing the energy of nature in its rawest form.”

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For this shoot, Nick and a small group from Twyla traveled around Iceland, spending most of their time on the west coast of the island. Despite having an audience, unusual for the artist, Nick kept his creative process the same as he might typically. He kept the days open and fluid, allowing the weather or an unexpected pack of horses along the road to drive the itinerary.

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“I think it's better to let nature dictate a bit of the trip for you.”

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If you’ve been following along with this series, you already know the primacy of horses in Nick’s work. But as this avid surfer explains, the water and the ocean is also morphing into another “bridge” to nature for him. He even got to sneak a bit of surfing in one day.

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“Horses are one of the bridges to nature for me, but also the ocean is becoming more and more important.”