State of the Art, January: Trending Now

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Tim Biskup

Limited Edition of 50

38" x 31" Framed



Why we love this piece

Tim imparts his anti-establishment ethos and unique design theory into his compositions. Tonal shifts allow the forms to advance and recede through translucent layers, lending a vibrantly contemporary take on a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Colour Synesthesia Yellow

Anne Senstad

Limited Edition of 70

24" x 32" Framed


Why we love this piece

Anne’s multidisciplinary practice centers on sensorial and spatial relationships. In Colour Synesthesia Yellow, Anne calls attention to the connection between light, color, and sound present in her work.


Kristen Schiele

Limited Edition of 50

41" x 37" Framed


Why we love this piece

Kristen weaves bright technicolor patterns across her portrait of fabled Native American princess Pocahontas. The neon palette is an update on this historical heroine, whose life story continues to inspire.