Seven Show-Stopping Statement Works of Art Large-scale artworks that can transform your space.

You’ve probably got that wall in your home that is just begging for a huge work of art. Over the couch, over the bed, in your entryway. But, it’s not always easy to find large-scale artworks that have the gravitas to hold a big space. Twyla has a great selection of stunning large-scale artworks that make a statement wherever they hang and are sure to bring your room together. Here’s seven large-and-in-charge works of art that we’re loving right now.

Violet Strange // Jeff Muhs

Jeff Muhs paints abstract color field compositions inspired by the organic forms and colors present in his surrounding natural environment. This pop of pink can brighten any room.

What an Artist Does // Oso Parado

Oso’s work is a colorful commentary on American consumer culture and the cult of celebrity. You could stare at this eye-catching piece for years and still find new, hidden things to enjoy.

Bodhi Leaf Mandala (quartz) // Miya Ando

Miya Ando’s Twyla editions were created using organic materials like Bodhi leaves. In Buddhism, a mandala represents the universe and is traditionally used in meditation. The Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) leaves are derived from the sacred species of tree under which The Buddha gained enlightenment.

Luminor 3-4 // Stanley Casselman

Stanley is an abstract expressionist artist who perfected the techniques behind Gerhard Ritcher’s iconic series of paintings. This bestseller makes quite the statement and originals of Stanley’s paintings have sold over over six figures at auction.

Ayzenberg // Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup uses his background in graphic design and illustration to paint bold compositions that are technically complex studies of color, subject matter, and design theory. We adore these bright colors and this fun form...

Wet Angels Embrace // Travis Boyer

Abstract artist Travis Boyer hand-dyes his fiber and textile work to create color-saturated compositions that speak to authority and power dynamics. Not only does this piece make a statement from a distance, but also close up where you can see the textures of all velvet and fabric cut-outs.

Hardest Water // Winston Chmielinski

Winston’s paintings teeter on the line between abstract and representational, exuding a sensational feel through vivid colors and bold brush strokes. This piece is sure to start a conversation.