New Artists | New Nudes Three new artists intersect with that oldest of subject matters

We’re excited to introduce three of the newest additions to the Twyla roster of artists. Oso Parado, Esteban Schimpf and Aldara Ortega are a trio of artists with very different backgrounds and practices; yet, we found it fascinating when we noted that they are all bound, in part, by their common exploration of the contemporary nude. Their unique approaches to depicting the body reflect our particular zeitgeist, commenting on everything from the primacy of technology to today’s culture of social media oversharing. Read on and see how each artist depicts the most essential subject in art—the human form.

Oso Parado

Tulum-based artist Oso Parado makes works that are a colorful commentary on American consumer culture and the cult of celebrity.  His works often draw upon American pop culture—fashion magazines, Instagram and Hollywood —to create images that both question and celebrate the superficiality of our culture of consumption and self-promotion.

“My paintings are about our addiction to stimuli and how modern life has turned into Hollywood and is based on desire.”

-Oso Parado

"Smartphone Portrait Series #001"
"Smartphone Portrait Series #002"

Esteban Schimpf

The Colombian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Esteban Schimpf often begins his compositions with a portraiture session of a model. He coats the model with his proprietary blend of tempera paint and baking flour, and then documents his subjects using classic portraiture techniques. Through this, he establishes each work with technically concise, photographic precision, which he then complicates through the incorporation of painting, layering, and collage.

"I Thought California Would Be Different No. 1"

“Making art is an act of violence against reality.”


-Esteban Schimpf

Aldara Ortega

When Aldara Ortega moved from Spain to New York City in 2009, she began exploring underwater photography. It became her daily routine to spend hours swimming, where she would observe the patterns and reflections of light refracting through the water.  Aldara’s photographs are visual embodiments of the weightless freedom and meditative tranquility she experiences underwater. Her female subjects, usually swathed in flowing fabrics, emanate a calm, harmonious energy as they drift under the surface seemingly suspended in time.

“My focus has been on capturing women underwater and their solitary connection with the water: The grace, beauty and artistry of the female form connecting with the water.”

-Aldara Ortega

"Nude 2"
"Changing Perceptions"
"Who Are You?"