The Man & His Muse, Volume 2 Into the Wild with Nick Turner

In the second installment of our three-part series on artist Nick Turner, we hear from the man himself. In September, Twyla traveled to Iceland with Nick to watch him at work in his favorite locale, Iceland, with his favored subjects, the country’s wild horses.  In this short video, footage from the trip merges with Nick’s thoughtful reflections on his connection with nature.

“If I was religious, nature would be my religion."

Through this mini-documentary, we feel the primary tension at play in Nick’s work. Nature is where he finds his pull, his influences, and his inspirations, not from society or anywhere more typically defined as inspirational today. At this moment when so much weight and importance is placed on notions of innovation and technological progress, Nick’s statements feel countercultural. Nick says, “...comfort, ease, instant gratification and manmade power seems to have taken the front seat in contemporary society.”  Nature not only fuels Nick as an artist, but it’s how he seeks to foster growth as a human as well.