A Joyful Noise in the Dark Artist and musician Ted Riederer at work.

New York-based, Twyla artist Ted Riederer creates paintings, sculpture and performance art that draw on his deep connection to music. This short film captures the energy, poetry and diversity of his work. We see the inside of his Long Island City studio and catch glimpses of his skull sculptures made from vinyl records. We watch as he performs a sound piece at the non-profit gallery, Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project. Ted helps run the space, which was inspired by Arturo Vega, the artist who designed the Ramones logo. Finally, we hear Ted reading a poem that is a part of his “Never Records” project, a pop-up record store where visitors can record performances that Ted cuts as vinyl LPs. The project has traveled internationally including stops in Jordan, Texas, and London.

A Peek Inside Ted's Studio

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