How Artwork Can Inspire an Entire Room Bring the spirit of any artwork off the walls and into your interior accessories.

Typically, when people decorate their living room or bedroom, they choose art at the end of the process. It’s a last minute scramble or years-long search to fill those empty walls. At Twyla, we don’t think art has to be an afterthought (no surprise here!). In fact, when you find a standout work of art that you love, it can be the focal point of your room and the inspiration behind the design of the rest of the space, from furniture choices to fun accessories. We took three knock-out Twyla artworks and designed moodboards around each to show how the story of a particular work of art can be the creative inspiration for a beautiful and complete room.

Punta Cana III by Marina Vernicos

Photographer Marina Vernicos' varied shots of the water bring the viewer along to exotic seaside locales. Vernicos’ work reflects an admiration and adoration of the sea. Her photographs explore the subject in surprising and inventive ways—from aerial views to shots that split below and above the water. Her work acts as an entry point through which viewers can escape to the artist’s native Greece and other coveted locales.

Bring Marina's beach-inspired vibe to your home.

Interior Inspo ET

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Erg Chebbi, Morocco, Sahara 1 by Miru Kim

Miru’s nude self-portraits are daring, often captured in dangerous places where the naked female body is considered unlawful. For her series, “The Camels Way,” Miru traveled with local nomads across the deserts of Mali, Morocco, India, Jordan, and Mongolia, often disguised as a man. The resulting photos belie the extreme danger Miru courted in capturing these images, taken in regions beset by fundamentalist-driven conflict where women’s rights are nonexistent.

Bring Miru's daring style + Moroccan motifs into your space.

Interior Inspo ET2

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Rad Mad Glad by Mark Dennis

Marc Dennis is an artist known for his hyper-realistic and strikingly detailed paintings of subtly staged and slightly voyeuristic images of contemporary American culture. Interested in the transformative possibilities of familiar iconic images and visual tropes, he explores the charged subjects of beauty, power and pleasure. 

Bring Marc's bright, pop-infused look into your room.

Interior Inspo ET3

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