Holiday Gift Guide Give art that matches their style and personality.

The holiday season is here and Twyla is ready to help with your gift list. If you’re racking your brain for that unique and memorable gift that makes a statement, may we recommend art? To help you find the right piece for whoever you’re buying for, we’ve curated Twyla pieces that work for six distinct styles and tastes.

For the Globe Trotter

Art that your worldly, travel-crazy loved one will want in their everyday domain.

Trevor Guthrie, Jet Girls (after Hoflehner).
Marina Vernicos, Milos.
Mathew Curran, 1979.

For the Nature Lover

Your favorite treehugger can find their zen moment in these images.

Joe Dilworth, Rügen Island 2.
Arno Elias, Elephant Rainbow.
Marcus Eek, Puste.

For the Beach Bum

When they’re not catching waves or brushing the sand off their feet, they’ll enjoy chillaxing with this art.

Marina Vernicos, Punta Cana III.
Warren Neidich, A Delicate Balance.
2wenty, No Stress.

For the Urban Adventurer

City slickers will feel right at home with these graffiti and street art-inspired pieces.

Chanel Kennebrew, The Goo Inside.
Mambo, Mellow Oldschool Hardcore.

For the Minimalist

Restrained, classic art for people who are thoughtful about every piece that goes in their home.

Guy Dill, Chianti Pop Blue.
Matthew Satz, 1.24.16.
Anne Senstad, Colour Kinesthesia Blue.

For the Life of the Party

Fun, upbeat art that’s made for people who aren’t afraid to be colorful and bold.

Noah Becker, WHATEV.
Marcel Buehler, Worte wie Spiegel.
Marc Dennis, Allegory of the Hoo-Rah!