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It’s tough to keep up with all of the cool things our busy family of Twyla artists are up to each month, but we try our hardest. Here’s a rundown of some of the shows and exhibitions where you’ll be able to catch Twyla artists this May.

Artwork featured above: World Map with Gini Coefficients by Amy Pryor.

SEE // James Gortner Dimensions Variable solo show at Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.

James Gortner rebukes the “rules” of traditional painting by incorporating sculpture, found objects and classical portraiture in his compositions - construction, assemblage and painting equally comprise his visual vocabulary. His solo show at Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea expounds on these themes, featuring new large-scale works in which unexpected sculptural elements traverse the canvas plane, embellishments are fabricated from the discarded artworks of others, and beautiful gothic subjects are flawlessly rendered in Gortner’s signature hyper-realistic style.

May 4 - June 3, 2017

Lyons Wier Gallery
Chelsea, NYC

SEE // Ted Riederer's special project at Context NY.

Ted Riederer will stage a special solo project at the Context NY art fair, entitled Tone Pictures: Our Year of Dissent. Comprised of photo emulsion prints made with records that Riederer recorded and cut to clear vinyl, each work is an attempt to freeze an echo in time, like an insect in amber. Riederer employs the vinyl records like photo negatives to create abstracted cyanotypes. Each image represents an audio recording that is both personal to the artist, as well as an homage to shared human experience, such as The Heartbeats of My Lover on the Eve of our Marriage, The Sound of Trains at Midnight, The Protests on April 15th, 2017.

May 3 - May 7, 2017

Context NYC

SEE // Jonathan Brilliant's Hickory Sticks solo show at Hickory Museum of Art.

Following a week long residency, Jonathan Brilliant will debut a massive new installation at the Hickory Museum of Art, housed in a converted historic gymnasium, opening on May 6th. Brilliant’s site-specific installations are comprised of up to 70,000 coffee-stirrer sticks, which the artist then donates to local schools as art supplies following his installations’ demolition. By weaving these stirrer sticks together into undulating, larger-than-life organic forms, Brilliant transforms ordinary “mundane” materials into immersive and surreal environments

Now through September 9, 2017

Hickory Art Museum
North Carolina

SEE // Warren Neidich's Black Mirror group show at Charlie James Gallery.

In Black Mirror, 13 artists respond to the current political and cultural moment through painting, drawing, installation, photography, and video. Works on view respond to the current reality of a Trump Administration, Wikileaks, and increasing political and social unrest. The title, Black Mirror, is taken from the dystopian TV show, which examines the disturbing capacities of technology and social media to manipulate individual human thought and influence collective social behavior.

Now through May 13, 2017

Charlie James Gallery
Los Angeles

SEE // Daniel Horowitz's Noble Savage solo show at Rutger Brand Gallery.

“Noble Savage” speaks to the romantic notion of the uncivilized “outsider” -  a literary motif that dates back to the 17th century. Horowitz’s art often incorporates historical material and encompasses drawing, painting, collage, and installation. Noble Savage includes oil painting on raw linen stitched with appropriated textile designs and 18th century Dutch engravings. This contemporary mash-up of antiquated motifs, philosophical archetypes and Horowitz’s own surrealist style seeks to reveal fundamental elements of the human condition that have persisted throughout history.

Now through May 20, 2017

Rutger Brand Gallery