Follow the Artist | March Keep up with the happenings of our talented artists across the globe.

It’s tough to keep up with all of the cool things our busy family of Twyla artists are up to each month, but we try our hardest. Here’s an ongoing list of some of the shows and exhibitions where you’ll be able to catch Twyla artists this March. Keep checking back as we get the scoop on upcoming things you need to see.

Artwork featured above: World Map with Gini Coefficients by Amy Pryor.

SEE // Noah Becker, Nicole Cohen, Daniel Horowitz, and Kristen Schiele at SPRING/BREAK.

SPRING/BREAK is a curator-driven art fair, now in its 6th year, which is held during Armory Arts Week in New York City. The group exhibition is known for using underused historic venues and this year the exhibition be hosted in the former Condé Nast office building in Times Square. Daniel and Noah will be one of 400 artists featured by over 150 curators. This year’s theme is  “BLACK MIRROR”—very intriguing.

March 1 - 6, 2017
4 Times Square (entrance on 43rd Street)
New York City 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Noah Becker
Nicole Cohen
Daniel Horowitz
Kristen Schiele
ENNUI by Noah Becker.
Spirits by Nicole Cohen.
Drawing of the Day 300 by Daniel Horowitz.
Pocahontas by Kristen Schiele.

SEE // Jerome Lagarrigue: The Tipping Point at Lazarides Gallery.

Jerome, a French-American artist living in Brooklyn, is one of the artists we are excited see on our platform very soon. In the meantime, we’re going to hop over the Atlantic to see his work. This month he has a solo exhibition at Lazarides Gallery in London. He’s exhibiting a series of large-scale paintings that depict emotionally charged scenes of conflict and riot, but rendered to near-abstraction. Fun fact- Lazarides Gallery also represents Banksy!

March 3 - April 13, 2017
Lazarides Gallery

11 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HR

Jerome Lagarrigue
Jerome Lagarrigue

SEE // John Bauer in the group exhibition “Process.”

Twyla artist John Bauer is one of ten American artists featured in this exhibition at the Las Vegas Marjorie Barrick Museum. Titled Process, the exhibition includes painting, photography, mixed media, and sculpture and explores how today’s artists are “reshaping the Process Art tradition.”

Now through May 13, 2017

Marjorie Barrick Museum
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas

Untitled (#1307) by John Bauer.
Untitled (#1001) by John Bauer.
Untitled (#0932) by John Bauer.

MEET // Miya Ando at the Rubin Museum of Art for Asia Week.

This reception honors Asia Week New York, the city-wide event that promotes Asian art. As part of this special event at the Rubin, guests will have the chance to interact with an installation by Twyla artist Miya Ando.

Thursday, March 16
Rubin Museum
150 West 17th Street

"Obon" (The return of the spirits 1) by Miya Ando.
Bodhi Leaf Mandala (rose) by Miya Ando.
"Obon" (The return of the spirits 2) by Miya Ando.

FOLLOW // Anne Senstad's Project, Time Beyond Place - The Cultural Bridge.

As part of an ambitious, cross-cultural collaborative art project, Anne will be working in Saudi Arabia in 2017 to make new art works with local Saudi female artists inspired by traditional craftsmanship. We can’t wait to see how this massive project with an amazing heart ends up. We do know this—it will culminate in exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, the US, and Norway.

Textile Topography by Anne Senstad, as part of CULTURUNNERS in Abha, Saudi Arabia, 2016.
Sonic Blue by Anne Senstad.
Colour Kinesthesia Blue by Anne Senstad.
Colour Synesthesia Yellow.