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It’s tough to keep up with all of the cool things our busy family of Twyla artists are up to each month, but we try our hardest. Here’s an ongoing list of some of the shows and exhibitions where you’ll be able to catch Twyla artists this July.

Artwork featured above: World Map with Gini Coefficients by Amy Pryor.

SEE // Lauren Seiden group show The Times at the Flag Art Foundation, NYC

In the age of “fake news,” the influence and credibility of venerable media outlets has come under scrutiny. Hosted by The Flag Art Foundation, this group exhibition uses The New York Times as its point of departure and features over 80 artists, including Felix Gonzalez-Torres, On Kawara, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Prince, Sarah Sze and Twyla artist Lauren Seiden, who each use the "paper of record" to address and reframe issues that impact our everyday lives.

Dates: Through August 11

Location: The Flag Art Foundation


SEE // Carolanna Parlato group show Brushless at Morgan Lehman Gallery, NYC

Brushless is a summer group exhibition that explores the fringes of the contemporary painterly process. Featuring artists who choose to apply paint using non-brush tools and techniques, including Twyla artist Carolanna Parlato, the exhibition juxtaposes works that break with tradition to achieve new perspectives in painting.

Dates: until July 28th

Location: Morgan Lehman Gallery


SEE // Kristen Schiele group show FigurativeFutures at 101/Exhibit, LA

Figuration is back en vogue and on display in this group exhibition, featuring Twyla artist Kristen Schiele. Bringing together works by 22 artists, the exhibition focuses on dreamy representations of the human form, surrealist landscapes and the mythologies of figurative painting. The heady exhibition will feature various panel discussions, an exhibition catalogue and manifesto by curator Mark Murphy, the Executive Director of Redcat, CalArt’s acclaimed contemporary and performing arts space.

Dates: July 22 - August 26

Location: 101/Exhibit



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MEET // Yorgos Stampkolopous in group show Every line tells Its own story, Vienna

Featuring Twyla artist Yorgos Stampkolopous, Every line tells its own story brings together the works of six artists to illuminate the myriad use of line in contemporary art at this chic Viennese gallery. As the press release explains, “Since the emergence of Modernism, art has usually been created through reflection of itself – sometimes polemically railing against its own past, but more often incorporating its aspects into a new synthesis. This exhibition draws on this history while also updating the representation of line in a global, digitalized world.”

Dates: June 28 - August 5

Location: Galerie Nathalie Halgand

FOLLOW // Marcel Buehler in group show Elysium at Novilla, Berlin

A historic villa located on the outskirts of Berlin beside the Spree River hosts this summer group exhibition, which combines more traditional mediums with installation art, performance, and sound and light art. The exhibition questions the state of our collective future, toying with notions of utopia, and will include ancillary events such as concerts, lectures and readings. Featuring Twyla artist Marcel Buehler, Elysium aims to bridge the divide between conceptual art project and academic discourse.

Dates: June 28 - September 17th

Location: Novilla (venue) | Elysium (exhibition website)