Design and Furnish Your Home Without Leaving the Couch Buy essentials for your home on five fabulous websites.

There was a time when you had to venture outside of your cozy house and travel to countless stores when you needed to furnish, decorate and put the finishing touches on your space. Thank goodness those days are over, right? There are so many easy ways to buy high-quality products today without getting in the car...or getting out of your pajamas. Here are five of our favorites right now.

Mattresses & Pillows // @HelixSleep
Window Treatments // @BarnAndWillow
Sheets & Towels // @ParachuteHome
Vintage Finds // @ebth
Design Services // @HomePolish

1. Mattresses & Pillows// Helix Sleep

There are many movers and shakers in the online mattress world these days, but we’re intrigued by Helix for their high level of customization. Take their quick Sleep Quiz and they’ll instantly recommend a mattress that’s just right for you and your partner's needs. (Sleep hot? Back sleeper? They have something for that.) And, if you live in New York, you can book a private 30 minute appointment in their showroom to get fitted for your ideal mattress.

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2. Window Treatments// Barn and Willow

Custom window shades or drapes can get very pricey, very fast. Barn and Willow sells window treatments that are tailored to your exact needs, arrive in about ten days and are a third of the price you might normally pay. We also like that for only $10 you can try a full-size sample panel for seven days so you know if you really like the look before you commit.

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3. Sheets & Towels// Parachute

Parachute sells modern, premium bedding and, more recently, bath linens for your home. The quality of the product is top-notch and the sheets are super-high thread count for the price. Also cool; Parachute has a boutique hotel in Venice Beach, California where guests can try out their goods in a luxurious setting. A new definition of try before you buy!


4. Vintage Finds// Everything But the House

If you’re the type who has a secret love for hitting yard sales on Saturday morning, this is the site for you. Or, if you just want to fill your house with one-of-a-kind vintage goods, look no further. Everything But the House takes estate sales out of the house and into the interwebs. Avoid the lines of early birds and peruse the good stuff—art, furniture, jewelry— in peace. All bids start at $1...even that mint 1979 Land Cruiser.


5. Design Services// Homepolish

Working with an interior designer can seem intimidating or out of reach, but not with Homepolish. Homepolish connects you with top interior designers, whether for major projects or one-day consultations. They have designers in 15 cities who do free consultations, or if you’re not in a city they service, they offer video consultations. We love that they are “fanatical” about customer service and match every client with their own “Queen Bee” (their name for customer service reps).