Artworks that look even better together...

At a time when it seems like gallery walls get all the love in the art and design worlds (and don’t get us wrong, we love a gallery wall), we want to give a shout out to dynamic duos. These are pairs of artwork—or diptychs if you’re fancy like that—that look lovely when coupled on a wall. By displaying two pieces by the same artist next to each other, you get the opportunity to showcase their practice, process or aesthetic from a slightly different, but complementary perspective. Here’s our picks for seven pairs of Twyla limited editions that hang next door to each other just perfectly. Because one is great, but two is even better.

Frequency #21 by Robert Standish.
Waves by Robert Standish.
Chianti Pop Green by Guy Dill.
Chianti Pop Yellow by Guy Dill.
Artist Tim Biskup
Memory Construction #1 by Tim Biskup.
Memory Construction #2 by Tim Biskup.
Tribalphilia I by Daniel Horowitz.
Tribalphilia II by Daniel Horowitz.
Point by Michelle Jezierski.
Bridge by Michelle Jezierski.
Campbell's Soup Can (After Warhol | pink) by Eric Doeringer.
Campbell's Soup Can (After Warhol | teal) by Eric Doeringer.
Hyphenated Part 1 by Chanel Kennebrew.
Hyphenated Part 2 by Chanel Kennebrew.