Artist Jonny Detiger: Passions of Family The artist and his family at home in NYC

Jonny Detiger is a Dutch, New York City-based artist and designer known for whimsical, optimistic body of work that includes intricate drawings, sculpture, furniture and soundwork. One of the most fascinating things about Jonny is that he does not keep his creativity hidden away; for this artist, art and life do not live in separate spaces. They are one-in-the-same. Inspiration and making are infused into the artist’s everyday life, including the way he and his wife Lisa (a former textile colorist and described as the family’s “glue”) are raising their talented and inspired children—Blu, Rex and Luc.  For this video, the artist let us into his stunning Greenwich Village pad to see how his family lives the art and music lifestyle everyday.

“Art, fashion, design and music have always been an integral part of my life and art. I move freely between these disciplines. Happiness, humor and positivity are common themes that run through all of my work."

-Jonny Detiger


If the Detiger’s had an official family motto, it might be this statement from Jonny: “We believe that art = living and living = art. We approach all aspects of life with the same passion and creativity as making art.” So, it’s no surprise that the family home is an environment where creative experimentation is encouraged to take center stage. The space is both a reflection of Jonny’s work—filled with his paintings, sculpture and furniture—and an open playground for the whole family to make music and art.  “Our space is used as a living studio, performance space, a gallery and a recording studio. Experimentation and creativity are encouraged at every turn. Music is played, art is being made, photo shoots are in action. There is definitely a synergy there and an exchange of ideas that flows both ways,” says the artist.


Jonny’s artistic vibe and supportive spirit has undoubtedly rubbed off on his three children, Blu, Rex and Luc, who are already actively engaged as creatives as well. Blu has been a bassist since she was 7 years old and also DJs in some of NYC’s top clubs. Rex is an artist, drummer, performer and songwriter. Additionally, Blu and Rex have a sister-and-brother band called BITS, which they intriguingly describe on their website as, “the idiosyncratix, melodramatix, honest-ironix, pop-romantix, show-antix, fauxmelodix, boom-pop-aesthetix.”  (They have some original music coming out soon—stay tuned!) Not to be left out, Jonny’s youngest son, Luc, is a multihyphenate as well. A photographer, artist and actor, Luc already has an Instagram feed full of artistic photographs of his family and New York City life.


“The colors and the space and the vibe [were] all created to make art, to make design, to make music. To have a life filled with love and inspiration.”

-Jonny Detiger


It’s important to note that creativity is a two-way street in the Detiger household. It’s not simply the parent “passing down” wisdom to the children.  Blu, Rex and Luc fuel their father’s work and his work inspires them. Jonny describes his children as “my greatest teachers” and says that, “their youthful optimism and work ethic is inspiring. They give me a window into their generation and a fresh way of thinking. My own work has a very optimistic, happy positive feel to it and that has a lot to do with them.”  

Similarly, Blu describes how her father’s work impacts the spirit of their home and her music: “His paintings give off a very positive and light energy. The nature of the colors and materials he uses...creates a positive energy in the house at all times. Many of his pieces have music incorporated in them, both metaphorically and physically. As a musician, I’m always inspired by his ability to create spaces and environments that emote happiness and love.”


“Having children opened up parts of myself that unveiled new channels creatively.”

-Jonny Detiger


Jonny and Lisa describe their parenting philosophy as: “love, support, validation, empowerment and courage” and it’s easy to see these values have played out in the intensely creative and happy hive that he’s made with his family. When asked about a favorite family

memory, both Jonny and Blu mentioned listening to music while driving down the back roads of Ibiza. It’s a scene that truly seems to encapsulate the Detiger ethos—a communal journey filled with music, art and joy.


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