6 Tips for Picking Art for Your Home A curator gives the rules of the road for buying art.

Unless you're a curator or collector, picking art for your home can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. To help us out, we've asked Ariel Saldivar, VP of Artist Relations at Twyla, to provide some guidelines to consider when you’re in the market for art.

1 // Be open-minded.

Be flexible when you’re researching art. Look at many different artists and styles to see what resonates with you. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ll be drawn to until you see it.


2 // Trust your gut.

Your initial reaction to a piece is likely a powerful one; listen to it. If you find a work that speaks to you, then you’ve found something special.

3 // Do your homework.

Read up on the artists you’re interested in. It may open you up to seeing their art in a different way. I find that learning more about the artist, their life and their process deepens the connection I have with the work.


4 // Choose work that inspires.

Art should reveal something new to you every time you see it.  To be provocative, the piece doesn't necessarily have to be complex. For example, Berlin-based street artist Bronco creates text-based work that features sayings like, "The Mess Age," and "Will Work for Love." I'm drawn to it because although the messages are simple, they make me think.


  1. 5 // Make a statement.

  2. Don’t be afraid to be bold. An amazing piece of art can really transform a room. It can add color or contrast to a space and serve as a focal point and conversation starter or create a particular mood.


6 // Consider staying power.

Maybe more than anything else in your home, art is a very personal reflection of you. And, you’re (hopefully!) going to have it forever. Choose artwork that you'll be happy to see every day and is timeless.